Power of Three PROJECT UPDATE!

2009-06-23 04:01:15 by L4zyL30

L4zyL30 here! Man, I wish I submitted more work so I'm more well known here. Haha. Oh well.

Anyhow! Me and my Team, Exiled Bytes, have been going back and forth trying to figure out the little details of the game. Obviously. Here's the team:

Artist: L4zyL30
Musician: Arnas

I'm not going to reveal a lot because.. Well, I don't want to ruin anything. The game is Delta Inspira.

The Artist
The Coder
The Musician

This is the current menu. Everything is clickable, and the effects for it are planned and implemented, but the placeholders are yet to be replaced.
Delta Inspira Menu

And that's all you're going to get for now. These images may give you the look and feel of the final game, and you can see where the character concept is headed.

Here's one last thing!

Power of Three PROJECT UPDATE!


2009-05-20 13:18:39 by L4zyL30

Ok so, I've been trying to mull this down for a while now, ever since I heard about the event. So much that I actually can't get any sleep.. Do it, or not? Well, I decided that I may as well put myself out there and see if anybody will take the bait!

I'm looking for both Programmer and Musician of course. I am an artist, but I can also do some decent AS2 programming, mediocre at best.

I have very simple concept, but I would rather get everyone else idea out first, then actually getting my own.

Now, this is the problem. The reason why I've been mulling this over for so long is because I am actually going to be out of the states for a month. Almost all of July basically, so I won't be able to be get in contact with anybody for that period, but if I can get an asset list, you can guarantee that I will come back with it done. Plus, I can try to find an internet source somewhere and get in temporary contact. But that is my problem, and I'm afraid it will be too much of a hassle to work like that.

BUT we have June and August to speak to each other, and I'm sure if we're really dedicated, this thing can pull through. It's really up to YOU guys, but I don't know.

BTW! If you're looking for another one of my works, I was in the MGS Collab 2. Not my best work, mind you.